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AMD, a leader in the market, listens, understands, researches, and analyzes companies, innovating with methodologies and technological tools. We focus on results and guide our clients to become No. 1 on Google.

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At AMD Digital Marketing Agency, we assist Marketing Managers, Marketing Directors, and Entrepreneurs in positioning their websites at the top of search engines, attracting potential clients, increasing sales, digitizing their business, and enhancing their company’s value. Our process is based on a strategic concept, approaching each project with an analytical focus, combining artificial intelligence, functionality, immediacy, trends, and experience to develop solutions that make a difference, fostering business growth.

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How we do professional SEO at AMD

¿What is our proposal?

In the competitive digital landscape, we stand out for a rigorous and ethical SEO approach. We steer clear of questionable tactics, focusing on White Hat SEO strategies aligned with search engine guidelines. Our methodology includes keyword research, content optimization, and high-quality link building. We prioritize user experience to enhance site relevance and attract qualified traffic.


We review the structure and configuration of the website to ensure it is accessible and search engine-friendly.

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We assess the website’s loading speed and optimize the load time to enhance user experience and search engine ranking.

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We conducted a thorough investigation to identify relevant keywords with high search volume and low competition.

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We research your competitors to make informed decisions and stand out in your industry.

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We review existing content and develop new, relevant, and well-structured content.

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We analyze the link profile to ensure its quality and seek opportunities to acquire high-quality links.

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User Experience Analysis

We assess the navigation and overall user experience on the website and implement improvements.

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We utilize web analytics tools to measure traffic and user behavior, optimizing site performance.

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¿Why Choose AMD as Your SEO Company?

At our optimization hub, you’ll discover White Hat SEO methods, following best practices that take Google into account. Don’t be swayed by tempting offers that actually jeopardize the SEO ranking of your website. We have an exceptional team of SEO advisors with experience in clients of international, local, and national reach. ¡We know our job well!

SEO Positioning Experts Tailored to Your Project

We are an SEO company. Our expert team provides technological solutions to achieve a strong and secure online presence.

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Optimize Your Digital Presence with Effective SEO Strategies

Allow your potential clients to discover you from any corner of the planet. Did you know that over 80% of users search online for the products and services they need?

The internet is your stellar showcase, don’t waste it! By achieving a strong online presence, both existing and new customers will be drawn to visit your site.

So, take your brand to the next level. In addition, an effective SEO and digital marketing strategy enhances your project in multiple aspects.

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Do you have a clear reason for having your website?

The first step is to reflect on your goals when having a website and what will be the SEO positioning strategy in New York that you will develop. Are you satisfied with having a traditional website without a content marketing plan, or do you want to showcase it with valuable information?

There’s nothing wrong with the former, but why not aim higher? At AMD, we aspire to something much greater for you! Our purpose as an SEO company is to propel your business to privileged positions on Google, attracting qualified visitors to your website.

Advantages of Web Positioning for Companies in New York

#1 in SEO strategies, AMD, the leading company in website optimization!

Increase in Online

Effective web positioning enables businesses to be easily found by users on search engines.

Generation of Qualified Traffic

By appearing in the top search results, you attract users interested in the products or services offered, thereby increasing the possibility of conversions and sales.


Being well-positioned online enhances the credibility of the company and builds trust among users, contributing to the strengthening of the brand.

in the Market

Companies that successfully position themselves have the advantage of standing out among their competition, gaining a larger market share.

Some of Our Allies in SEO Positioning

SEO Company specializing in web positioning in partnership with top digital companies

SEO Company

A leader with the best SEO positioning tools.

We are an SEO positioning company with SEO consultants, allies of the most comprehensive SEO positioning suite in the world, such as SEMRUSH.  

Our positioning services feature the best SEO software to carry out effective strategies hand in hand with our web positioning specialists. Since SEO implies more opportunities to convert potential customers into real clients.


"Award-winning tools trusted by world-leading companies."


Awards for the best SEO software suite

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Marketing and SEO professionals have already used Semrush


Fortune 500 companies use Semrush as their marketing tool

Specialists in SEO Strategies

At our company, we understand that every business is unique, with specific goals and challenges. That’s why we provide a diverse team of SEO specialists, each an expert in a particular field. Each specialization tackles specific challenges and is designed to deliver strategies tailored to the unique needs of your business.

For businesses with large, complex websites, our enterprise SEO specialists offer full-scale strategies. We coordinate strategies across teams, optimize the site’s technical structure, and use advanced analytics to ensure your online presence is strong and effective.

Some of the key aspects of enterprise SEO include:

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Long-term SEO strategy: 
Large businesses should have a long-term SEO strategy that fits their goals and needs.

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Collaboration between teams:
Enterprise SEO requires collaboration between teams such as marketing, development, web design, and SEO.

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Analysis of data: 
Data analysis is essential for SEO, as it helps professionals identify opportunities for improvement.

AMD, an SEO company with clients in more than 23 Cities worldwide.

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Experts in SEO Positioning

Frequently Asked Questions

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is based on a set of strategies applied to your website with the goal of achieving top results on Google, appearing in the first results of specific searches conducted by users.

Yes, it is essential to have a web positioning company that carries out technical SEO, content SEO, and SEO audit strategy, among other aspects of digital marketing. This way, users will easily find your business. Keep in mind that to improve results, it is necessary to implement strategies that help select keywords that allow your website to rank the best results. Whether it’s enhancing social media web presence, optimizing our SEO strategies, or ensuring a cohesive strategy that will boost your business and, rest assured, you can confidently get started with a comprehensive marketing strategy for your web design and effectively integrate it with your brand’s web design and social media.

SEM positioning involves paying for advertising space on Google Ads. With this strategy, you can quickly reach the top positions. However, the advertising platform also takes into account the SEO of your website when determining its position. Therefore, if you plan to advertise on Google, it’s ideal for your page to have excellent SEO.

The SEO company is a business dedicated to improving the web positioning and visibility of its clients on search engines (Google). When you have an online business, it is important for people to find and know you, and SEO positioning is the best option to turn potential customers into real ones. With the support of the SEO agency in Bogotá, responsible for creating a content strategy that attracts and addresses the user’s search intent.

With continuous creation of SEO content and actions focused on web positioning in search engines, appearing in the top positions of the organic results list increases the likelihood that the user will click on the link, thereby increasing the organic traffic to your page.

If you’re looking for an SEO agency, always keep in mind that positioning a website within search engines is a long-term process. It requires constant work on optimizing your page to achieve your set goals. However, there is a way to quickly position your site with an alternative strategy, such as paying for advertising on Google.

With the positioning of your website, you can increase site visibility, acquire more traffic and sales, provide better usability for users, save on advertising expenses, and gain brand recognition. Positioning yourself on the internet is the first step to take your website to the next level. Our SEO company, specializing in search engine optimization, is dedicated to enhancing your website and online presence. Rely on our SEO experts to navigate the complexities of online visibility. Explore the vast opportunities offered by our SEO services, including comprehensive strategies in social media marketing, pay per click, and effective social media advertising. Leverage our expertise in social media management and impactful local SEO services to optimize your online strategy for enhanced visibility and engagement.

Web Positioning in New York: Elevate Your Digital Presence!

In the competitive digital landscape of New York, web positioning has become a fundamental aspect for companies aiming to stand out and succeed. Merely having an attractive website is not sufficient; it’s crucial to implement effective SEO strategies to appear in the top search results on Google and gain visibility.

Our team of experts in user experience and SEO positioning is poised to help you overcome these challenges. Having collaborated with a diverse range of clients, we specialize in improving positioning and increasing conversion with every visit. If your website is struggling to generate site traffic, and users find navigation challenging, it’s time to consider our SEO agency, AMD. We collaborate closely with you on your SEO plan to enhance your website and elevate the overall user experience.

Our comprehensive approach to your SEO campaign encompasses optimization, link building, and much more. Discover the impactful results of our SEO strategy and the diverse services we offer. If you’re seeking results that transcend mere numbers, we can demonstrate how it’s impacted your online presence and show you how to witness and achieve real results.

Boost Your Online Success with SEO Strategies in New York!

In today’s competitive digital landscape, web positioning has become essential for standing out and triumphing. Having an attractive website is not enough; implementing effective SEO strategies is crucial to appear in the top search results on Google and gain visibility against the competition.

While Google Ads (SEM) and Google Maps campaigns can attract traffic, they only represent around 10% of total clicks. The other 90% is found in Google’s organic results! That’s where SEO makes a difference. Our SEO agency can help you achieve the first position in the SERP, maximizing your CTR and ensuring you don’t miss out on the valuable traffic that only the first organic position can offer.

Don’t settle for less. Ensure your presence at the top of Google and discover how SEO can drive your digital success. Our team will work with you on strategies for your business, including marketing, social media, and optimization ecommerce SEO. From design and development to a dedicated link building team, our SEO team is here for you. Explore our comprehensive campaigns, including social media design, ecommerce web design, and web design Shopify. Elevate your search engine rankings and achieve higher revenue through our expertise in SEO web design, conversion rate optimization, and see how it’s impacted your bottom line.

Defining a good SEO strategy that meets your specific needs and takes you to the top positions on Google involves considering several key aspects. I will guide you through the essential steps to achieve this, whether you choose to work with a web positioning SEO agency, a specialized SEO agency, or an agency focused on SEO for eCommerce:

Situation Analysis: Start by understanding your business goals and brand visibility online. Conduct an SEO audit to assess your website’s current state, including keyword optimization, site structure, and performance in terms of Core Web Vitals.

Keyword Research: Keyword research is crucial. Investigate relevant keywords for your niche and target audience. Use tools like Google Search Console to identify search queries and keyword opportunities.

On-Page and Off-Page Optimization: Ensure that your SEO strategy includes both on-page and off-page optimization. This ranges from creating high-quality content to managing backlinks and optimizing meta tags.

Local SEO: If your business has a local component, don’t neglect local SEO. This involves optimizing your presence on Google My Business, obtaining positive reviews, and ensuring your contact information is consistent online.

International SEO Migrations: If you have international presence, consider international SEO migrations to ensure your site is accessible and relevant in different regions.

Digital Marketing Strategies: Integrate your SEO strategy with broader digital marketing strategies, such as inbound marketing and Growth-Driven Design. This ensures a consistent experience for your users.

Budget and Goals: Ensure that the SEO agency you choose is willing to align with your budget and focus on your business goals.

Inbound Marketing Services: Consider an agency that offers inbound marketing services, as this can complement your SEO strategy and help attract quality traffic.

Organic Search Engine Positioning: The main goal is to achieve organic search engine positioning that helps you reach top positions on Google results sustainably.

Measurement and Continuous Optimization: Implement tracking tools and metrics to measure the performance of your SEO strategy. Adjust and optimize based on experience to continually improve results.

In summary, a good SEO strategy involves close collaboration with an SEO agency to define a customized strategy based on your specific needs and goals. Ensure the agency has expertise in SEO, including web positioning SEO services, and is focused on meeting your needs. With a solid strategy and a long-term approach, you can enhance your website’s visibility and achieve your online business goals.

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